Sunday, December 16, 2012

Revisiting Rockport and Aransas Pass, Texas

For this page I decided to do a quick sketch of some buildings we saw across the bay area when we were heading for the Aransas Port Ferry.  It was done using the Pilot Prera and Lexy Gray. 

Bottom sketch is using both Pilot Prera for light ink work and the Noodler's Flex with Lexy Gray ink for the darker line work and shading.

Still using the same sketchbook the girls gave me for my birthday.

Not mentioned in the notes on the page, there is a large Rockport Park to the right but there was an admission fee to get in so we didn't go there.  Not sure why a fee as there was only beach area there that we could see.  Instead we just parked across the street where there was some ground area with benches and this crab over-looking the bay/inlet area.

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