Monday, December 17, 2012

Rockport Beach Access Fee

I've been going back through my photos of our trip to Rockport Texas.  We had such a nice time there that doing these sketches takes me back as if reliving that trip.

This little building is located across the street to the crab tower I posted yesterday.  We were considering going to the Rockport beach until we got there seeing there was an access fee just to walk on the beach.  According to reviews, it's a very nice clean beach and I guess that's what the fee is for to help maintain.  But we opted out considering there were so many other places we could walk and explore without having to pay to do so.

This page was done using the Pilot Prera (F) for the lighter ink lines and then a Noodler's Flex (same ink) for the darker areas.  On this sketchbook paper the nibs skip so one can obtain real light shading with the ink.  A plus in many ways.  It's taken some getting use to but I'm adapting and trying to utilize in a positive way what some might see as a negative.

Getting perspective right with all the angles is still an issue for me but I figure the more I practice, the easier it will become.


larry said...

Awesome cute building, Susan. Your sketches of this and the crab are wonderful.

Cheers --- Larry

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks, Larry!!! Means a lot to me :-))

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