Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow and Memories

Our first snowfall for the season and we ended up with maybe 2 to 3 inches.  Not bad but I could have gone for more!!

Today it's sunny with deep shadows of all the trees stretching across the blanket of snow.  To me this is one of the neatest sights!!  Fresh, crisp air so inviting until you step outside for any period of time :-))  Just feels like it cleanses the lungs.

I love living up on this hill top away from traffic and city dwellings, as it's absolutely gorgeous!!!  The only thing one might see besides the shadows are the foot prints of some of our forest residents and dark speckles of seed hulls that have fallen from the bird feeders.

As I sit mesmerized looking outside my window, I go back in time when the boys were young having snowball fights and building snowmen.  This scene before me and the memories inspired me for today's sketch.  All from imagination using the no-name sketchbook and my Pilot Prera with Lexy Gray ink.

Wasn't really sure how I would go about depicting snow with pen and ink but I think I achieved it OK thinking on terms of how I might do so with brush and watercolor.


Sandy Sandy said...

Happy snow scene Susan. Glad you got snow! I'm not wishing for any this year. I learned my lessen a couple of years ago when after I was wishing pretty hard and we got almost 3' a day before Christmas. It was pretty but a lot of work. :-D

Susan Bronsak said...

I miss those days!! Was living in Virginia most of my life and we would get some good snow falls. Lived in Texas near two years and my dad would send me pictures of their 3' snow falls in WV. I move here near dad and it's not snowed like that in 16 years. I think the most at one time since I moved here was 22" Most are piddly little snows just enough to make getting around a pain plus icky looking with the salt and cinder :-((

larry said...

Really cute sketch, Susan. I think you did really well with the snow. I'll file this away as a good idea.

Susan Bronsak said...

Larry, I may have to do this guy in watercolor :-)) I love his smile ... lol

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