Thursday, March 9, 2017

Homosassa Wildlife Park - Florida

After taking a break yesterday from doing any kind of sketching, I worked this playing with the grid method.

Stillman & Birn Beta / Lamy Safari / Lexington Gray ink
White is using a white Signo Broad pen

Using the grid method is definitely time least for me considering I'm not used to using that method.  But it definitely helps with accuracy.  In ways it's relaxing taking one's time working one little square at a time only having to concentrate on a very small section at a time.  All you have to worry about with relationships between one part to the next are the few lines that go through each box.

For me it was like working a puzzle (which is another of my favorite past times) piecing together until it was all done and and then admiring the finished picture.  Not something I would do on a regular basis but after that challenge I was working, I was in desperate need of something totally different and thought this would be perfect.

Photo reference is from our trip to the wildlife park in Homosassa, FL this past Saturday.  Glorious day and a wonderful place to spend several hours!!!!

First I took the photo and cropped it to the same size as my journal page which is 5.5 x 3.5".  Then I removed the color using Photoshop Elements and a few other steps to achieve the look you see (to help with contrast separating the bird from background and seeing the posts better).  Then created the grid over top of the photo using a 1" scale.

Taking ruler, I lightly created the grid on my journal page using an HB pencil.....same scale

Proceeded to sketch in the bird and surrounding logs/stumps with pencil and then went over with pen and ink using my Extra Fine Nib Lamy Safari.

Once I was sure the ink was dry, I went back and erased all pencil lines and filled in any missing areas with pen and ink I noticed.

Finally, took watercolor to finish the page.

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