Monday, March 6, 2017

Steven Reddy's Course on Craftsy

This was a personal exercise after viewing Steven Reddy's craftsy course on Sketching Interiors.

It always amazes me that people can successfully create sketches from chaotic............very detailed Steven Reddy, Paul Heaston, and several others I follow.

I've been wanting to try this but would look at all the STUFF around me and talk myself right back out of it saying no way!!  This is why I decided to take the course.   My goal is to get past that hurdle I feel is holding me back from doing more out on location........particularly inside restaurants or the likes.

I didn't follow directions (no surprise for some who know working a general light pencil guideline of basic shapes only for general placement, nor did I use the three layers of painting ink values to create form and shadow.

My primary goal was to work through the chaos in front of item at a time and just break the ice getting lines down and not stressing over if I goofed with how something looked.  I wanted to stick with the whimsical or cartoon-like approach as Steven mentions several times in his course.

Corner of our Sun Room where I spend most of my time......

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