Monday, March 6, 2017

People Practice

Trying to catch up where I've fallen behind posting to my blog...........

Generic Sketchbook

Worked this morning as part of a five day challenge going on called OneWeek100People2017 promoted by Marc Holmes and Liz Steel

The object of this challenge is to not necessarily be concerned with capturing likeness of people but to capture people quickly onto paper.  To build your skills and quickly sketch people coming and going.

Although the challenge is centered around going out and capturing live people in motion, I've chosen to do what I feel most comfortable with...........relaxing at home sketching from photos but still working very quickly.

From Photos Taken with Ipad

Worked several days ago...........pen and ink no pencil with a bit of watercolor.  Worked these as a warm up practice to the five day challenge that started today.  Although worked quickly (by my standards), I still took care in trying to achieve likeness of the people I was sketching.


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