Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Old Milk Container - Simon Seed

Last for the month of February.  I had a goal to achieve 28 journal entries and I bypassed that days ago.  :-)

This is another old time relic that captured my attention at Simon Seed Garden Center.

Hand Sewn Journal / Fabriano
Pilot Prera Lamy Safari both with Lexy Gray Ink

*Note.......had to switch off from the Pilot Prera as the feed is wetter and for some reason took forever to dry on the surface of the paper.  I don't always have that problem but this time I did.  I found I had to lay a paper towel across the page and press to get the excess ink off before continuing.  The side of my pinky finger was picking up ink and I knew I wouldn't be able to apply paint until that dried.

Loved the way the boards were angled......just kind of went along with the old time milk container.


Ginny Stiles said...

wonderful!!! I am aching to get back to sketching.
We are off to Winter Garden with Margaret today to visit the Tiffany Museum.
So it won't be today.
Weather looks wonderful.
Wish I had taken more photos at Simons.
I think I'd like to just go back by myself and sketch some more.

Annie said...

I love old milk cans--yours looks great. I use Lexy Gray ink with a pilot metropolitan fine nib pen. I haven't noticed a problem with the ink drying.

Annie said...

Also, good for you for getting so many sketches completed last month!

Susan Bronsak said...

Ginny.....thank you :-) I look forward to you getting back to your sketching!!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Annie!! :-D As for the ink drying.......could be any number of reasons. I work out in the Florida/Sun room and the humidity level could have been high. Might also be the paper surface and the amount of sizing in it with the time it takes for the ink to absorb and/or dry. Could be the pressure I was using........it's really hard to tell. I'm using a metro fine nib in the prera. The original nib was super dry and although I liked it for some results, it was a bit fatiguing trying to work an entire page with it. I've learned with multiple pens with the same nib, all nibs are not created equal. Maybe I need to clean my nib (possible build up of old ink??)...........lol.

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