Sunday, February 19, 2017

Old Time Water Fountain

I was trying to decide on what I was going to sketch or paint last night and a dear friend helped make my decision.  She sent a couple photo references for me to try my hand at.

I'm not crazy working with black objects but I think this turned out pretty good.  I had to add several layers to get it dark enough and wasn't sure my Fabriano Artistico would behave (due to the sizing).  But it did as long as I used a light touch.

Used Cobalt and Burnt Umber for my black mix and a few areas used straight black watercolor.

And this time no shadows were added.........only because I put in the suggested pattern on the wall with watercolor pencil without thinking before adding the shadows.  I can't add the shadows now without activating the pattern so it's going to be as it is.

I absolutely loved the perspective in the photo and wanted to work this page just as I saw it.  Great practice for me!!!

Hand sewn journal / Lamy Safari with Lexy Gray ink / watercolor / watercolor pencils.

Thank you Becki for the photos!!


Annie said...

I will have to try using cobalt with burnt sienna next time for black. Usually I use ultramarine blue with the burnt sienna or Winsor green blue shade with alizarin crimson. Always good to know how to mix colors several different ways! Thanks for the idea! Nice sketch!

Susan Bronsak said...

Sometimes I use Fr Ultra and Bt Sienna. Sometimes Cobalt Blue and Bt Sienna. Not sure why I started using Bt Umber........might be the brand of paints, I don't know. The Winsor green blue and Aliz makes a nice warm black but I never think to use it. Oh another mix I use is Indigo and one of the browns. Haven't used that in a long time. There's really no rhyme or reason I choose some color Thank you so much on the sketch :-)

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