Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Curious Young Crane

We have this pair of cranes that show up often in our yard.  They didn't used to when we had all these trees and shrubs scattered in and around the yard, but last year we took a lot of that out opening the front yard up.  It's my understanding cranes like open areas and I guess our front yard is more inviting now.  Anyways......these cranes tend to start at the end of the street slowly working their way down to where we reside.

This pair had an offspring and we enjoyed the three of them showing up.....watching them from the front porch and taking pictures any chance we could.  They don't seem to spook real easily but do keep a close eye on you if outside with them.  The male of the group can be aggressive too as our little dog has learned.  He will stand his ground protecting his spouse and offspring......raising his wings and warning to back off......ready to charge at any moment.

On this particular day it was fun to watch this little guy.  You could tell he was real curious about the well pump as several times he would go over to check it out.  First from one angle, mosey off to find a snack, and then back again as if he was waiting for it to move or talk to him.  You have to wonder if wildlife is capable of any type of thought process outside of instinct and survival.

Meandering journal with Arches watercolor paper
Micron 03 pen


Ginny Stiles said...

Love the Sandhills cranes. We have a pair in our park too and they believe they own the park.
I do not think there is a baby this year but haven't seen them lately. Well pump? You have your own well?

Susan Bronsak said...

I think this small community here share an underground well system. We have both city water and well water. Our sprinkler system taps into the well water saving us money. There are two outside faucets (one front and one back) that feed off the well while the other two (other side of house) feed off the city water. I wonder if the reason has anything to do with the fact this community used to be a golf course?

SusanA said...

What a cute little guy! I absolutely do believe there is more going on in the animal kingdom than just instinct and survival.

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