Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pen Pouch - Continuous Line

After working a couple of pages of blind and seeing continuous line exercises, I decided to try an actual watercolor sketch using the continuous line concept.  I did so after going back to Brenda Swenson's site and re-reading all posts related to the continuous line approach.  I've always liked how hers look.

From her posts I also decided to try using a Tombow marker pen to work the ink sketch to allow it to bleed into the watercolor wash as I painted.  Here are my results.

The one thing I need to work on is not feeling the need to go back filling in gaps that would be created by not going back over previous lines.  It's a natural tendency on my part to "complete" the line sketch.

The other area I need to work on is making sure as I move from one end to the other, not to leave out any areas that would cause me to have to re-trace my steps over previously laid ink lines.

Now this sketch I really enjoyed.

Worked on Saunders watercolor paper


Annie said...

I love how Brenda does her continuous line drawings too. The Tombow markers work well when combining a continuous line drawing with watercolor. Nice sketch!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Annie :-) I have on my to-do list to try some more like this. Maybe using different color Tombow markers.

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