Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Steampunk Memory

Now this one I could have done without sharing to the world but I thought why not.  It definitely has its flaws (as I see in a lot of my work) but it's still something I did and I don't feel I have to share only those things I think is worthy of going on display.  Hopefully by sharing my less than perfect accomplishments, other people will learn from it and not make the same mistakes.  Or if they do, they can find something positive about what they've done and not be fearful of sharing with other people.

As usual, I misjudged where I started my sketch which was the guy on the left.  In order to not cut his legs off at the bottom, I had to "stunt" his  So his proportions and height are by no means spot on.  The guy on the right has his issues too in size and proportions :-)

But.......this still represents our trip to the Steampunk Festival and even with my known boo boos, it still looks close enough that I'd know exactly who these guys were and where we were.

The guy on the left is one that really captured my attention due to his wearing apparel.  And notice his boots.........that's not a mistake on my part, he was actually wearing two different type of boots.

Stillman & Birn Beta
Micron 03
W&N Watercolors

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