Monday, February 20, 2017

Triple Challenge - Faucet Fixtures

Another photo reference sent to me by my dear friend, to try my hand at, definitely challenged me.  Not counting the intricate detail, I had to find a color mix that would come close to the faucet colors I saw in the photo, try to mimic the marbling in the sink, and work out how to suggest the pattern on the wall.

Playing on scrap paper, I tried various combinations and ended up using Olive Green Yellowish Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil, along with Burnt Umber and Fr Ultra watercolors.  With the watercolor pencil I pulled color from the tip of the pencil with wet brush making a pool of color or straight from tip to paper.  I had to glaze or layer beginning with the greenish color, alternating my colors until I achieved the results shown.........letting each layer dry.

The marbling was achieved with Cerulean Blue base color and Cobalt Blue for the marks using brush and slight spattering and smearing with my finger.

The wall is a loose mix of Cerulean and Cobalt Blue base color and Fr Ultra tipped in while 'just' damp and then spattering and dabbing with finger.

Hand Sewn Journal w/Fabriano
Lamy Safari w/Lexington Gray Ink


SusanA said...

Wow, this is pretty amazing. Those faucets are fabulous, and you even captured the curve of the sink. Well done!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you so much, Susan. I actually cringed when I went to add shadow to try and show the curve of that sink. I ended up brushing some paint and taking my finger and smearing it like I did for the little pattern in the marbling. I got

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