Friday, February 10, 2017

Quick Sketch Versus Using the Grid Method

For years I have wondered about using grids to capture subjects with more accuracy.  My problem was wrapping my head around all the prep work and then wondering how on earth to erase the grid lines without disturbing the drawing.

A friend who's like a sister to me out of the UK has used the grid method for years and I sit and drool over the portraits she turns out.  So I know for some people it works wonderfully and they are able to work around the two issues I have.

Finally I tried it but on a super small scale.  (This is actually my second attempt at using a grid although until tonight had totally forgotten about the first time.)  I'm still not sure about erasing remaining lines but it would definitely take a lot of preliminary work to set up before actually drawing.  My wish is to draw portraits of my family at some point and feel that even with all that prep work, it would definitely be worth investing that time to get the accuracy I would hope for.

Here's comparing a quick sketch of a lady versus taking my time and using a grid.  The illustration pretty much speaks for itself.


Filled in some background and tried removing as many of the grid lines that I could.  Should have done that before shading in the background...........would have made things easier.  Good learning experience though :-)

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