Thursday, February 9, 2017

Today's Sketch - One of the Guys at the Packing House Gathering

For today's sketch, I went with graphite.  I still have a ways to go as I practice people........capturing their likeness.  I had problems with his hands as I captured him holding them in a strange manner.  His beard is what caught my black and thick!

Worked on newsprint paper I'm not crazy about as it will only let you go so dark even with the soft pencil leads.

2B and 6B Staedtler Mars pencils


SusanA said...

This is a great likeness! I have such trouble with faces. I can sketch other things about a person without feeling TOO intimidated, but faces...ugh.

Susan Bronsak said...

Thanks Susan :-) Faces intimidated me too and I made up my mind I was going to work past that. I have several subjects, in fact, that makes me feel that way and are on my to-do list to overcome.

Have you seen videos on YouTube by TheVirtualInstructor? Several free videos to view and then I'm checking out his in depth course at his website.

SusanA said...

No, I haven't seen The Virtual Instructor's videos. I just took a look at the YouTube page, and they look helpful. Thanks!

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