Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gorgeous Day in The Villages

What a day this has been!!!  And a glorious day at that!!!

Started out early going to the post office to send off some sample sheets of watercolor paper to a friend of mine in NC.  From there stopped at DK Art Supply & Framing to pick up a few things and then drove to downtown Leesburg for a quick stop at the Leesburg Art League Center.  Yesterday I was there and started a sketch only to forget colors of the building.  Duhhhh.  And then once I took pictures, I drove on to meet up with a dear friend who lives in The Villages.

Via golf cart (which is fascinating to me where many people drive carts rather than cars to get around) we drove a good distance to St Timothy's Catholic Church to sit on location and sketch the building.  What a beautiful site!!!  The architecture is unbelievable.  We stayed there until the parking lot started to fill up with cars for an evening service.

From there we ended up at Lake Sumter Landing and did some more sketching before calling it a day.

Returned home and tonight I've managed to finish off two of four sketches I have worked (three from today and one from yesterday).

Hand Sewn Journal with Fabriano Artistico 140lb CP watercolor
Beaumont Fountain Pen with Lexington Gray Ink

This first one was done while sitting in the car waiting for my friend to return from DKs.(inked and painted at home)

 Sitting in the parking lot of the Church (same deal......pencil sketch on location and finished at home)

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