Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Garage Residents

As weird as it might sound, one of the things we like about Florida are all the lizards, anoles, and geckos we see on a daily basis.

We've seen several different varieties.......some of which I've yet to identify.  The geckos we see live in the garage and are neat due to their coloring.  Almost transparent and love the huge eyes (compared to other lizards).  Although looking closely, the eyes have a vertical slit but often from a distance they look like big black orbs.

At one time we counted five in one corner near the ceiling with one being just a little guy..........off to himself and patiently waiting to nab his next meal.

Meandering Journal made with Arches 130lb CP watercolor paper (gift from Linn Frye)
Lami Safari fountain pen with Lexington Gray ink

(Top sketch from Wiki Commons photo used to identify - Free license)


Ginny Stiles said...

He's kinda cute.
We are not allowed pets in our park....so anoles and geckoes are pretty much it for me.
Oh and birds including majestic cranes...lots of fun birds. And fire ants...and a few snakes.
And once...a bobcat under a bush. Really!

Susan Bronsak said...

LOL........thanks :-)

We love the cranes and egrets that come into our yard (outside of normal song birds). We've come across an occasional snake which is OK but I can do without the fire ants we can't get rid of. And how cool seeing a bobcat!!!!

SusanA said...

Great coloring in your gecko sketch. We live in Ohio, but we often vacation in the Low Country of SC. I love the variety of wildlife on the islands--lizards, shore birds, egrets, herons, and bobcats. So many fascinating creatures we don't see at home.

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