Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why I Like Working Small

As recommended to me a week or so ago, I purchased a large pad of newsprint paper by Strathmore to practice more using graphite.  And this was the smallest pad I could find at the store, which is a 14 x 17" pad.  Can't even imagine working on the other size they offered.

I have to admit that it is a nice change actually working a little bigger but the downsize is trying to capture images for records and for sharing online.

I hate taking photographs of my artwork because I'm just not good at it.  Can't get the white balance correct.  Have problems either with too dark or too light images.  I try photographing inside and I try photographing outside at different times of the day.  Doesn't matter...........still can't get it right.  My preference is using a scanner as it's 'normally' consistent in capturing images with a little tweaking of brightness and contrast.

So working with this large pad I have to scan in sections (which is a pain).   I wish now I had gone with my gut to cut the pad down to size so it would fit properly on the scanner bed and create small spiral sketchbooks with the other part cut away.

Oh well...........lesson

First sheet using camera...........

Second sheet using scanner..........

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