Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making Your Own Hand Sewn Hard Cased Journals

My favorite videos (and a PDF) on how to make your own Hand Sewn Journal Books - Hard Cover

Of all the videos I have watched, those listed below are my #1 favorites!  All are by Sea Lemon on the YouTube Channel.  She has several other videos related to bookbinding as well......different variations.  For the complete playlist, follow this link:

Click on images to take you to the videos/pdf

1)  Making a Text Block of signatures - shows how to sew signatures together using a Kettle Stitch

2)  Making Headbands (Optional)

3)  Creating the Book Casing

4)  Making Your Own Book Cloth

5)  Make Your Own Book Press

6)  Make Your Own Punch Cradle (pdf)

NOTE:  The book press and punch cradle are totally optional.  You can use a stack of books or anything heavy in place of the book press and an old telephone book opened up using the center to place your folded signatures for punching.  That's how I did it before my husband made me both.


SusanA said...

An excellent lineup of videos! I took Roz Stendhal's bookbinding class and loved it! I may have to look into making that book press though; it looks so easy. I was using a precarious pile of books to weight my journals.

Susan Bronsak said...

I've heard great things about Roz's bookbinding class. That book press was definitely easy to make and truly makes things easier than piling heavy books.

Serena Lewis said...

Thanks for the links, Susan! :)

Susan Bronsak said...

Oh, you're welcome, Serena :-)

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