Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quick Pencil Sketch - Still Practicing People

I'm trying to do a little something each day and this is what I did this morning.

As I continue practicing capturing people on paper, I'm also working with different grade or soft/hard pencils to get a feel for how they look and feel on the different paper surfaces I use.  This is a Staedtler Mars H grade pencil on the sampler Stonehenge Aqua watercolor CP paper.

Not sure if I'll do anything more to this........just depends.  I might use a softer grade pencil going over to darken values; I might take pen and ink to it; and/or I might take some watercolor to the illustration......orr I might just move on to something else.

This is either one of the members in our sketching group from the Mote Morris House outing or a passerby.......not sure which (still learning people in the group).  From one of several photos I took that day.

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