Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sketching People Challenge

Day before yesterday started a social networking challenge called OneWeek100People2017 challenge.  One week being five days and not seven.  

I know me with most challenges so I decided not to participate.  But then several people asked if I was going to join in.  One day I'd think, NO and then the next day I'd think, YES.  I just kept going back and forth so when Monday rolled around, I was on the YES and began this challenge.

Two days in and I was done with wanting to sketch people.  In fact I woke up this morning hoping I'd feel refreshed jumping in to work more and just looking at the sketchbook and pen sitting on my desk just wasn't appealing in any way.  So I've decided not to force myself to do something I'm truly not enjoying at this point.  Repetition of a single subject just isn't for me (unless within reason).  This is why anyone following my blog will see I jump around with subject all the time.  

I'm one who prefers to sketch what jumps out at me at any moment's notice.  Trying to force myself to do something that's not calling my name just ends up leaving me feeling frustrated and less than enthusiastic about sketching or painting.

But here are three more pages I worked yesterday giving me a total of 50 people in two days.  I at least gave it a try but I'm done with least for the time being.  It will have to be on my own terms.........when I feel like practicing people.

Generic Sketchbook


Annie said...

Susan, I give you props for sketching people if only for a short Time. While I have a desire to learn to sketch people, I am too intimidated to even try! I like you, prefer to sketch and paint things I am in the mood for; so my blog has many different topics too!

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you Annie.........I appreciate that. Part of me felt guilty for tossing in the towel on that challenge but then the other part of me felt good that I did give it an honest try. I'm also glad I stopped when I did rather than pushing through for other peoples' benefit. Stopping when I did was the right decision for me :-)

Annie said...

I think it is great that you chose what was best for you in the situation. It seems that for some reason I default to what I think I need to be painting instead of creating the type of art that makes my spirit sing! I am trying to be more mindful of enjoying the journey!

Susan Bronsak said...

Been in your shoes and only started enjoying the journey once I ventured onto a different path. For me it was getting away from formal painting and changing over to working in my journals. It's more personal for me now and I think why I'm enjoying it so much more. I'm not as critical as I used to be. I don't feel the frustration I used to feel not being able to meet my own expectations. I'm much more relaxed and enjoy "exercising the artistic muscles" trying various subjects I wouldn't dream of before. It's therapeutic for me and one day will be something special left for my three sons that tell a story about my life....who I am/was....what I liked or didn't like, places I'd been, etc. :-)

Annie said...

Susan, have you been reading my mind? 😉 I was just telling my husband that I enjoy painting in my journals best. I used to only do formal paintings but a few years ago started sketching and painting in my journals. Now I am trying to find the right balance somewhere between professional artist and hobbyist!

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