Thursday, October 4, 2018

Inktober 2018 Days 1-4

I've decided to go again this year with the Inktober Challenge.  This year's will be using the Procreate drawing/paint app on the Ipad (as I did last year).  I'm still trying to hone my skills with digital sketching with the brush tools I tend to favor.

When complete, I plan to print off and place in one of my fabric artist travel sketchbooks held together by the elastic bands.

Some of what I plan to do will be those prompts that jump out at me from the Inktober 2018 prompt list.  The remaining are just ideas that hit me and what interests me most.

Main Tool Brushes Used:

Fine - mainly for hatching
Technical - main sketch
Studio - when I need to emphasize an area or want to use pressure sensitive for line thickness and small areas of solid fill.
Stipple - shading or filling in an area without it being solid black.  Also pressure sensitive producing lighter and darker dots.

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