Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daniel Smith Duochrome and Pearlescent Pigments

Years ago I went on a buying frenzy of several intriguing sounding pigments that Daniel Smith offers.  Some of their "special" pigments are Duochromes and Pearlescent pigments.

After finally sitting down and playing a little, I find I'm not real impressed.  At least on white paper.  They might be better suited on darker or tinted paper or as a glaze over other colors for a pearl effect. 

Also, they do not scan very well.

Those sampled are as follows:

Aquamarine - First time use the pigment was rock solid dried in the tube.  It comes out a baby blue but ends up looking bluish green.  (Actually had to take a sharp instrument and break a piece out of the end for sampling)

Oceanic Green - Has a yellowish green sheen to it.

Desert Bronze - Squeezes out greenish blue but on paper looks like bronze gold.

Saguaro Green - Squeezes out light pearl green but on paper it's bronze with slight green sheen.

Adobe - Squeezes out orange gold and basically shows on paper as the same.

Cactus Flower - vehicle separation when squeezing from tube.  On palette surface looks violet but on paper looks bronze with a slight violet sheen.

Mauve - Squeezed out is bluish violet and on paper about the same.

Hibiscus - Squeezes out violet, add water and looks more blue, and on paper violet.

Pearlescent White - Vehicle separation when squeezed out.  Basically white with a little sheen

Pearlescent Shimmer - Appears like a clear liquid loaded with silver glitter.

UPDATE:  I guess from what I'm understanding after going back and reading......... these specialized pigments are meant to enhance or change the hue of other pigments. 

I also have some of their other specialized watercolors in various colors but I don't think I'm going to do color charts on them. 



Sandy Sandy said...

I like the witch's hat in any color!

Susan Bronsak said...

I had fun with the You can see where my head is right now with autumn just around the corner.

Forest of Shade and Light said...

Hey I know this is a few years old but the key thing about these duochromes is that they completley change their look when they are painted over a black surface.

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