Friday, August 17, 2012

First Package Arrived

Within the last month or so I've been following closely a group where several people have been sharing their excitement and experiences using pens, nibs, various type papers, journal books, and various other supplies.

Wanting to "test the waters" with some of these neat goodies, I set off to get a jump on Christmas shopping......................for me :-)

A few packages have arrived but sitting in town until I get over there to pick them up.  One was delivered where I used to work (error on the part of the one making the order - won't mention any names) and my daughter-in-law who works in the same industrial park picked it up to bring home to me. 

This first package of goodies included a few bookbinding supplies, a pen holder and nib set, and a couple of brushes. 

This is only a *quick sketch of the pen set and brushes.

OOOPS............don't I feel daft!!!  I just noticed what I wrote in the book for that little brush.  It is NOT a DBlick Travel but instead a paste brush (as I roll my eyes).

Handbook journal book (next to last page)

Holbein Pigments - RSienna, BtSienna, Cad Rd Lt, Neutral Tint, and CobBlue

#8 Round

Dip pen and nib (found only recently I had on hand) and Sepia Acrylic ink

When I went into this, I really wasn't sure how to depict the clear bag so I just winged it hoping for the best.

I've actually tried using the new pen holder and  nibs on regular paper but that's an entirely different story and not sure I'm ready to disclose my first experience just yet.  It wasn't exactly a positive one and I'm going to have to give it a chance before I really comment or show examples.

*Quick - my definition of quick (for myself) is a sketch completed anytime within 10 minutes to an hour (if you include pen sketching, scanning, painting, drying and rescanning).  I've been working really diligently to  not overwork nit-picking everything to death.  I'm trying really hard not to go back in once I lay the color down.  It's taking a lot of self-discipline and I think slowly I'm succeeding.


Sandy Sandy said...

I see your work getting looser and better all the time Susan. There's really great work here. I'm surprised more don't comment. (That always baffles me when I see rubbish bringing tons of comments and stellar work like yours, going virtually unnoticed.)

Susan Bronsak said...

Sandy.....thanks for that!!! Sketching is so much more relaxed for me and I'm loving the results. Now if I could just incorporate that into a more formal piece. The journal work to me is more spontaneous and liberating for me!

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