Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gifts From My Granddaughter

My two granddaughters have started bringing me "little gifts" as painting ideas.  From exploring outside, my youngest granddaughter brought me these three items.  I'm sure they are from both the girls but Morgan is the one who presents them to me.

It's such a treat to see their faces all bright and happy when presenting me with these little treats.  When they come over today, I plan to share with them the painted illustrations.  Can you imagine what their expressions will be when they see grandma truly does use their ideas for painting?

First the mushrooms were brought to me several days ago.  I've held onto them and they've dried which I find to be really interesting.

Next came leaves that are already dropping to the ground.  Not sure what the black spots are but are on every leaf they bring me.

Last was the pink field flowers which I placed in a cup of water to preserve them awhile until I sketched them.



Joyce at Calico Paint said...

What a great way to get inspiration! Can I borrow a granddaughter? My children (I.e., kitties) only bring my twist ties and other cat toys) :). Maybe if I let them go outside.... No, that's a bad idea!

Susan Bronsak said...

Your "children's" gifts can be inspiration too. Sketch and/or paint their toys :-D I've done that with dog toys before.

Sandy Sandy said...

Very nice Susan. I think the spots on the Maple leaf is some kind of fungus, We get it here too. Maples are always the first, aren't they?

Susan Bronsak said...

Sandy, living here where we do now is full of interesting things and surprises. Between foliage and other plant life to birds and wildlife.......it's amazing. I can't wait to actually witness the autumn color change. I'm not really sure what turns first or what turns what color. This year will be a treat for sure!!! :-)

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