Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lunar Pigments Comparison

Here are the rest of the pigments in my little palette that contains several of my greens.  This is just a side-kick palette of pigments I really don't use but have on hand should I wish to.  I'm such a sucker for art supplies.....especially paints.

Lunar Pigments bottom right of this palette.

Mini landscapes painted on the backside page of The Langton 140lb Cold Press.  As noted, I didn't really get the granulation effect I know these pigments are capable of producing.  The Lunar Black came the closest with some nice separation and granulation.  

You can see the granulation in the sky area but also take notice to the bottom left rock formations and how the pigment separated out as well as granulated (hoping you can see it on screen).  I didn't purposely go back in dropping darker color at the base of the rocks.....the pigment did that on its own (paper was slightly tilted).  You may also be able to see some of that on the right rock area.



Sandy Sandy said...

Grand granulation!

Susan Bronsak said...

With landscapes, I really love the granulating pigments!!!! I'm super pleased with how this particular mini landscape turned out. Thanks, Sandy :-)

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