Saturday, August 4, 2012

My All Time Favorite Shoes

Like with most things we really like or's bad for us in some way.  No different with shoes.  How many people wear these though?

I can't wear normal sneaker type shoes as they cause my feet to cramp.  I've tried numerous shoes from cheap to very expensive and it's all the same results. 

There are only two type I can wear and they are either the clog type (crocs) or these sandals.  I'd wear the sandals year-round if I could.

#8 Round
The Handbook
 Noodler's Flex Pen / black Ink
W&N - Fr Ultramarine and DS - Fr Ultramarine and W&N - Bt Sienna.

I used both brands as I didn't want a real bright or "clean" blue or an all flat look.  I used the W&N Fum to brighten up the DS Fum. 

With the ground I tried being a bit creative and I needed some color other than blue.  The BS was perfect since it has the orange tone which is complementary to blue.

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