Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Granddaughter's Saturday Afternoon Project

I'm not keen on sharing photos of myself but thought I'd make an exception for my granddaughter, Madison.

Madison (age 9), came over and stayed the afternoon working on making hats.  She made six total to be given as gifts to family and a friend. 

My hat is a sun hat with a picture of me on top and each of our dogs around the brim (Miya, Smudge, and Yorshi).  She made a tie using a bead that slides up to tighten under neck plus added yard strands as a decoration around the hat hanging down in back (papaw helped with that task).

Papaw's (Terry's) hat is a Lincoln Hat or otherwise known as a stove pipe hat. gotta love em' !!!!

Does she not look pleased with herself??!!!!!  (HUGE grin)


Sandy Sandy said...

Love the hats and a great pic of you! (Do I see bare walls?)

Susan Bronsak said...

lolol........yes you see bare walls. There are a few paintings up here and there but we haven't done a lot since moving into this house.........not yet anyways. And thank you for the compliment!!

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