Monday, August 20, 2012

Second Sketch - Handmade Book from Africa

Here's one more I wanted to do before going to bed.  This is from a photo I took of the many beautiful buildings in Wells, Somerset - England.  If I remember correctly this was either part of or near the Vicar's Close and Cathedral.

This one I worked lightly in pencil first.  Then went over with Lexington Gray ink using a Konrad Noodler's Flex.

This pen is fatter than my other flex pen.  The nib is larger as well.

The nib sailed across this paper with very smooth application of ink.  I had to be careful with this one because I noticed some areas especially in curves the ink went down heavy into the paper wanting to bleed or feather.  Like the paper grabbed the ink.

This is my first time using this particular fountain pen.  I like how smooth it writes but wish it were as fine as my other Noodler's pen.  But between the two, I might be able to take advantage with the more vivid line this pen puts down for added emphasis in areas I need to stand out.  Maybe use the other for more subdued line work to help depict distance.

This building as well as the door in previous post are from photos I took while on holiday in the UK two years ago.

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Stacy said...

I've been away so I haven't had a chance until now to see how you like your new Konrad + Lexington Gray. My experience with this combo is like yours--I find it to write very smooth but the line is thicker than I'm used to. One thing I've found, to get a finer line, is to write on the backside of the nib.

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