Monday, August 27, 2012

Special for a Friend's Son - Sam's Little Buddy

A dear friend I spent two weeks with in the United Kingdom in 2010 has a son who's favorite "buddy" was this little bear.  I took quite a few photos of this little guy with the hopes of painting a little something for Sam.  Finally I'm getting around to doing something!

I chose this one because the bear is poking his head out as if to say " Hiya, Sam!!!  Wanna come in and play with me?"

S&B Journal (beta)

DaVinci #20 Flat (about an inch wide).......I really like this brush!!!

#8 Round

Daniel Smith:  Bt Sienna, Fr Ultramarine, Bt Umber and Cob Blue.  Chose this brand for the muted old painted wood look.

Holbein:  Bt Sienna  as a slight glaze here and there plus Bamboo Green and touch of Marine Blue.

Dip Pen and Sepia Ink

SIDE NOTE:  Because I am saving this as a gift or card idea for Sam, I used FotoSketcher to add the lined frame and some texture.

Here is the original from the journal book without the lined frame or texture that FotoSketcher can create:



bois-fleurie said...

I was so glad to find your blog via Emma at a little bit of everything. I love to paint but am not very good at it.If there were classes within a reasonable distance I would join one .Sadly there is not so I know I will find your blog interesting

Susan Bronsak said...

Thank you bois-fleurie!! Hope you can find some useful information that might help you. :-)

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