Saturday, August 4, 2012

Study of my Tube Greens

Most of these greens are in a small palette of their own and only used once in awhile.  Thought I would do a sheet of tree doodles to compare the greens.  These are straight with no mixing of other colors to change them.  That would be a huge task in itself and one I might do at some point later down the road.

All are Daniel Smith with some that granulate the Green Apatite and Serpentine Green.   

Hooker's Green seems so un-natural but I'm sure would work beautifully in some passage especially if mixed with other colors.

I like the Perylene Green and Green Earth which are grayed greens.  Normally I use Perylene Green to darken Sap Green but by itself would be great as a distant tree using a lighter value.

Serpentine Genuine looks very natural as does the Olive and Green Apatite. 

All my tube pigments are squeezed out into palette wells and allowed to dry as I prefer re-wetting over using straight from the tube.

**My notes or thoughts/findings/etc. are all just my own personal feelings and based on the paper I may be using.

Study worked on The Langton 140 lb Cold watercolor paper.



Beads2yarn said...

What a GREAT way to do a study of colors. Instead of just slaps of colors on a page, you've made the study a piece of art.. I love this.. now I want to try this with my greens, and then figure out a way to do a study like this with my other colors.. maybe it will also get me out of my "I can't do art/give it up" mood.. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Bronsak said...

Pam...........I get in moods similar to what you described here. I find doodling to be one of the best ways to help with that. A page of rocks, old bldgs, or trees or simple illustrations often helps me. Color charts like this or like the primary color people I did not too far back....mixing color right on the paper letting them blend together without helping them along. That can be fun. Try that or even draw out several different size blocks on your journal pages and sketch little bits of what you see around you. I fall victim to the slumps now and again and these are ideas that help me keep going.

Thank you so much for your comment!!!

Susan Bronsak said...

Pam..........try this with any shape...........

Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Thanks for sharing this idea for comparing colors. I have some Daniel Smith paints and see a couple new ones here that I want to try. I especially love the granulating colors.

Susan Bronsak said...

I have so many of the Daniel Smith paints I'm embarrassed (almost) to say as I may have to do more doodling bringing them out and having fun playing with them. Like the mineral and incandescent pigments ;-) Have fun with your color play!!!!

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