Friday, October 5, 2012

Flowers from Terry

Here's a page I did in my journal representing the latest flowers Terry surprised me with on a day I was not quite myself.

The Lavender Statice is still going strong whereas the other flowers are fading and wilting.  The first to go were the yellow lilies.  Tiger lilies (not shown here either) were also too far gone to try and sketch.  I had two carnations left but looking poorly.  What's on the page actually looks more "alive" than what it really was.  These are from "live" or nearly live specimens.

Those little tags were done using Photoshop Elements as an over-lay but I may go back and actually draw them in on the page.  :-)

My pages and illustrations are always scanned prior to any written notes in case I want to use them for card ideas or other later down the road.

#8 Round and W&N and Daniel Smith pigments.

Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal

Pilot Prera and Nakimi Black Ink

I wanted to add...............for a change I actually like the shadow I put on the vase of flowers.  Love how the colors of the vase bled into the shadow and how the shadow ended up darker nearer the base and faded a bit further out.  One of those happy accidents (wish I could say I planned that).

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