Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunset Point Rest Area - Warning Sign

Here is one more watercolor sketch entry in my S&B Alpha journal book completed tonight.

From the photos Terry brought back for me from Arizona, this one jumped out due to the sign.  It's not something we normally see around our parts - warning of poisonous critters.

As you may be able to read on the page...........the metal sign that has the actual writing on it is truly blue with white lettering but I didn't have the means to render that so I reversed it blue writing on white.

Used W&N RS, BS, BU, Fr Ultram, Cob Blue, and Daniel Smith Sap Green.

Blue lettering on sign was using a Pigma Micron 01

For the illustration I thought I would try one of Cathy Johnson's page design suggestions of using circles to emphasize particular items of interest.........which in this case are larger/color versions of the scorpion and snake shown on the sign.

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