Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Bookbinding - Make your Own - AWESOME Instructional Video

In the tab above the blog feed labeled "Bookbinding", I have posts that cover this include Sea Lemon's YouTube videos I used to make my first hand sewn journals.

In addition to my favorite videos by Sea Lemon, I found and purchased the following DVD.  Slow paced and very easy to follow step by step to include advanced steps that might strike your fancy...all wrapped up in one video.

For a preview of this DVD, it can be found at the following:

On The Air Video / Bookbinding
YouTube / Croquis Cafe / Bookbinding:  A Traditional Technique

To purchase, you can do so directly via the link taking you to On The Air Video / Bookbinding (above) or through Amazon.

Run-time of the DVD is about an hour.


Annie said...

Susan, I have this book on my shelf. I just checked out the preview of the DVD and it looks pretty good. Sometimes I think watching is easier than trying to follow book directions. Do you have a favorite type of binding?

Susan Bronsak said...

Annie..........I too learn better with things like this through videos rather than books. The DVD is fantastic!!!

Hopefully I am understanding your question correctly.........what binding I prefer like spiral versus sewn? It's actually a toss up between those two. Each has it's advantages/disadvantages. I like Spirals because you can bend back one side behind the other and not juggle a two page spread while sketching. But I like a sewn journal when time to scan providing it lays totally flat on the scanner bed. Scanning spirals lets light in because the spiral keeps the page from laying totally flat on the scanner bed. This often causes dark edges on the page. Not so bad if you have a photo editing program like Photoshop Elements you can use to remove those dark edges but an extra time consuming step that you don't have to worry about with hand sewn (again provided they lay totally flat).

Hope I answered as you were hoping.

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh boy...this looks beautiful BUT I know now that I am just not patient enough or motivated enough to make my own journals. I am lucky that I have time to draw or write in my journals, let alone MAKE them.

I think they are like an art form all their own and I love looking at them.
And I enjoy hearing you talk about them.
But I am not apt to show up at the workshop. Sigh.

I did watch the preview.
My friend Cynthia (who does stamping) also makes her own books.

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