Sunday, May 14, 2017

Leesburg Art League Open Studio Friday - May 12, 2017

Friday was a fun day at our art league's Open Studio Friday.  Lee Kline gave a presentation on keeping sketchbooks / artist journals sharing examples, tips, and ideas to the group.  We had a great discussion with several asking questions.

There were four tables set up with sketches and journals that three of us brought in to share.  The folks spent a good bit of time sitting at the tables and flipping through the examples we brought in.

Lee is a retired graphics art designer.

Susan comes from a family of professional artists.  Two of those tables included Susan's father's sketches and journals that he kept many years ago.  He didn't believe in cameras and sketched everything to include people he rode with everyday on the subway.  He also produced illustrations and lettering/logos for many businesses

Me...........just a hobbyist who enjoys sketching...........ha ha

Here is a quick sketch of this special day.

Hand sewn journal / Plat Carbon desk pen and used a waterbrush for this one.

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