Sunday, May 28, 2017

Last Few Weeks at the Leesburg Art Center

It's been a busy few weeks with the last couple of weeks flying by with my not doing much with my own art.  Instead helping with documents sharing tutorial links I could find and examples I might have on the subject matter being shared at our Art League.

We've been covering sketchbook/journal layouts and ideas of what to use our journals for.  We've had two weeks of playing with sketching people gestures and then trying our hand at brush figures to feel more confident in including people in our sketches and paintings.

Yesterday we had fun learning about alcohol inks which was like being a kid again and just playing.  Very carefree and just plain fun.

First image playing with alcohol inks mixed in with shaving cream and pressing paper on top, lifting and scraping the shaving cream and ink off with a card.  Would make neat looking end papers inside of homemade journals.

Playing with dropping various ink colors on a little piece of fabric and stamping onto a tile and spraying alcohol at various heights for different effects.  To me this ended up looking like a dog sniffing through an area of flowers.  (See part of the side of a dog's face?)

The last two weeks working with sketching and painting people.  How to see the line of action, how to quickly capture people gestures, painting simple figures with brush and watercolor to get a feel for shapes and proportions, and then taking it from there using pen and ink and watercolor showing more detail either by outlining the figures or going in with ink and emphasizing only some areas.

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