Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017 Inktober Challenge - Days 22-24

Day 22 - Large moth outside our front door

Day 23 - From a Fall still life set up at the LAL art center.  Sketch printed off on Epson presentation paper and watercolor applied.  This was an experiment to see how the presentation paper would handle color.

Pros:  Vivid color - takes the color beautifully.

Cons:  Wet in wet can cause buckling; if water applied first, takes a long time to dry; once color is applied to paper, it's there to lifting or moving of color like you can on regular watercolor paper.  The coating on the paper absorbs color and rather quickly.

Best not to use fountain pens on this paper as the nib picks up the coating and beads at the tip causing a build-up of ink.  Micron works better.

Would I use it again..........yes!  I can work with paper knowing to take care when applying color.  And I like the challenge as well as pushing the limits on any paper surface to include regular bond paper.  I love how the color shines on this paper surface!!!

Day 24:  Also from the still life that was set up at the LAL art center.

Extra sketch for the conure named Mango :-)

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