Monday, October 2, 2017

Inktober 2017

Although I've decided to join in with the Inktober challenge craze, I'm not exactly following it as it should be followed.  I've basically joined in solely for motivation trying to get back into my sketching after a month where I lacked the interest in doing much of anything.

And unless stated otherwise, I will be using Procreate to create my sketches.  I want to better understand this app and the use of the apple pencil with pen options and pressure sensitivity. 

What I've decided to do to begin this challenge is to study and sketch what I can about birds and bird anatomy.  Hoping to help hone my skills in understanding feather patterns, body/head proportions, feather direction, etc.  I often feel my birds look too stiff so maybe this might help if I truly understand the subject.  And once I have a better understanding I hope it helps me when choosing to simplify with color..........knowing what best to leave out and what to include.

For the 31 days, my subject matter might change but for now I'm leaning towards anything related to our feathered friends.

Day 1 Inktober - Only sketched the words or heading for this challenge.  This was an exercise on pen pressure and pen size.

Day 2 Inktober - Today I've started the actual sketching after days viewing one of my books by John Muir Laws and watching two of his workshop videos a couple of times each.

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