Saturday, October 28, 2017

Exercise in Color Blending

This is one I worked on late last night (the line work) and worked all day off and on to finish it.

I'm using Procreate and to get the results, it took 25 layers. 

The most time consuming is the coloring.  I would apply color and then blend working small sections at a time.  Add more color and blend again repeating until I was able to achieve the values I wanted.  Working this way is very much like graphite work and using a paper stump or tortillion to blend.  And for lost highlights, I would erase and blend the edges to work into the color with no hard lines........again like you would using graphite.

I have included six screenshots each including several layers to create the animated gif. 

SS #1 - Three layers.  Line work; hatch shading; and the pattern in the clothing.
SS #2 - Three layers.  Blue color in the eyes; Nose and red stitching pattern on the face; and color of the face itself.
SS #3 - Two layers.  Undershirt and outer shirt.
SS #4 - Four layers.  Two layers for the corn cob pipe; square pattern light color; and square pattern dark color.
SS #5 - Seven layers.  Hat two layers; raffia two layers; wood base two layers; and strings one layer
SS #6 (Final) - Six layers.  Table two layers; lined box one layer; signature one layer; date one layer; and the sixth layer is not showing.  It included written notes on the brush tools I chose to use to work on this.

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