Saturday, October 21, 2017

2017 Inktober - Days 16 through 21

Day 16 - New miniature bear

UPDATE:  With Color added 10/29/17

Day 17 - Lone Oak Cemetery in Leesburg, FL.  Went on a sketchcrawl and we were to combine what we saw in reality plus adding a little creativity to it to fit the Halloween time of year.

The eagle carving was worked in my small S&B Beta journal with Edison pen and Lexy Gray.

This is the one I did to fit the sketchcrawl theme as mentioned above.

Day 18 - Started out as a loosening up continuous line sketch but I did end up lifting my pen off the surface a few times.  Still a looser sketch compared to what I've been doing.

Day 19 - Semi continuous line sketch

Day 20 - While watching TV (dvds)

Day 21 - Sitting up on a table top in my sunroom

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