Monday, November 13, 2017

Raggedy Ann Using Procreate

The more I play on my Ipad using Procreate, the more I'm enjoying the change and different challenges involved with digital sketching/painting.

I'm sure there are various ways to apply color........many of which are faster than what it takes me but I have found a method I really enjoy.  It's very time consuming like graphite can be for me when I get into putting down marks and blending.

My subject is a new miniature Raggedy Ann doll I found at a local shop in Tavares, FL.  I've always wanted one of these dolls and finally after 61 years, I finally bought one.  She comes in a matching fabric basket.  I had her sitting on my table and included the interior background which I chose to leave plain (no color).

Below the finished sketch I am sharing several steps.  This is about 21 or 22 layers total which includes a cold press watercolor texture background, date, signature, and a splatter layer.

These four screen shots show how I work the color.

And here are the steps from line drawing, adding hatching for shading, to finished results with color.

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