Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Various Works the Last Several Days

Here I'm catching up with what I've been doing the last several days.  Some digital, some watercolor, some graphite and ink.

This first was done in a small S&B Beta journal using a mechanical pencil.  It's a scull seen at Heather Oaks Farm Friday when our group met there to do some sketching.

Also from Heather Oaks Farm - graphite first and then mechanical pencil in a large S&B Beta

After sketching the chickens, I went online and sat and viewed Travor's video on painting hens and roosters.  I followed along after viewing a couple of times.

Digital sketch worked in Procreate and printed off on Fabriano 90lb Cold Press paper.  Then used watercolor.

One of the lady's in our sketching group last Friday.  From photo and using gridding method, worked this sketch.

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