Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Unwanted Hitch Hiker

This is from our Heather Oaks Farm sketch outing last Friday. 

Picture yourself walking along and all of a sudden you feel something sitting on your nose.  You look cross-eyed to see what it is with this staring back at you.  Would it creep you out?  It sure would me!!!  LOL

Fortunately this time around, it did not happen to me but I have been known to walk into many a web with spiders like this.  I tend to look down at my feet when I'm walking around........especially here in Florida so I don't step in red ant mounds.  Not sure what would be worse.......stepping into an ant mound or having a hitch hiker like this end up on my nose :-O

Before and after color applied.......using QoR watercolors on Epson presentation paper.

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