Friday, February 2, 2018

Daily Sketching - Jan 31st thru Feb 2

Catching up with the last few days.

January was a very productive month with regards to my sketching and painting, and I'm well into my 365 sketch goal for the year.  This gives me a bit of a cushion as I feel a "recharge" period is about to hit me.  (Actually I foresee a slump but I prefer to view it as something positive so I mentally think "recharge" rather than slump.  Slump sounds too negative to me.)

Here's the final for the month of January - Two guys fishing at Venetian Gardens - Procreate 6B pencil tool

To start off February, I chose to sketch my eldest son's little dog, Chewy.  We miss him and the family.   Procreate water brush tool

A quick digital sketch as an inspirational reminder to myself.

Today's sketch is an exercise playing with watercolor - trying to limit placement of color by looking for and thinking about shadow areas.  I went a bit too far with color on the bottom left pot.  Thinking only shadows will take some practice on my part because I always feel the need to completely fill in an area.  I want to work exercises like this to help speed up a bit for when I'm out on locations AND to loosen up a bit getting away from all the tedious detail I tend to include in my work.  Just something different for a change :-)

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