Saturday, February 17, 2018

Subject Approached Two Different Ways

This is a statue I decided to try two different methods in sketching just for my own comparison.  Which do I like better?   Hard to say honestly as I like each for different reasons.

One of the reasons I love sketching is for spontaneity and liveliness they often portray (mine don't always but I do strive for that look).  Not so stiff looking or formal when spending a lot of time working on a sketch.  I tend to overwork when I spend a lot of time.  I keep seeing things that might look better and then find to my eyes they often look over-worked.  And a lot depends too on the subject.

I enjoy using Procreate but like using a single sheet of watercolor paper, I tend to labor over what I'm working on........often spending several hours on one piece.  Using a sketchbook mentally gives me permission to sketch loosely and quickly if I so choose.  Other means for some reason I feel I have to keep striving for perfection which I never reach..........and that's OK (as I keep trying to remind

The left to me is more spontaneous.  The statue to my eyes appears rough and weather worn whereas the one on the right is smooth and doesn't quite portray it's been sitting outside for any length of time except for maybe the green I placed for moss or mold.  Although the face on the right is more true to life looking than the quick sketch.

I like the brown leaves in the right example but then the more I think about it, I also like the green grassy area of the left example.

The other thing I like best about the left is it has better contrast between lights and darks on the statue itself.

And I haven't quite made up my mind with the backgrounds.  I like the suggestive look of the background on the left as I don't feel it competes with the statue itself.  In some ways I feel the background on the right competes.  But it's all in the eyes of the beholder.  Everyone is different and even I tend to change how I see things from day to day depending on my mood (lol.)

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