Thursday, February 8, 2018

Yesterday's Sketch Outing at Venetian Gardens

We had another sketch outing yesterday at one of our favorite spots........Venetian Gardens in Leesburg.

There were five of us this time and for a change, the weather was gorgeous............minus it being a bit on the windy side.  But the plus side of that was keeping the bugs at bay (for the most part).

It was upper 70s and sunny.  Our area has seen more gray days this winter than I can remember in the last three winters I've been here.  It was good being out and soaking in that sun.  Another thing different this winter......we've had more really cold days and many of our trees have lost their leaves.  Normally (based on the last few winters), the trees have maintained their leaves with many of the shrubs still flowering.  Not this year.

Normally at the park you will see many folks walking or sitting on the benches or in their cars eating lunch.  And other times I've been at the park, there have been several fishing.  Not yesterday.  I watched one man walk along throwing a line into the water.  There were a few people walking, one man sitting reading a book, and a small group that had lunch under one of the pavilions.  When we first arrived, there was a man sitting on a bench near the water's edge feeding the birds (maybe he was sharing his lunch as he had a small cooler with him).  Most of which were seagulls and ibis.  Then there were us five ladies.

Both quick sketches worked in a 3.5 x 5.5 Beta sketchbook using the TWSBI mini fountain pen and Lexy Gray ink.

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