Saturday, February 3, 2018


Twice this week I missed going to classes/presentations I would have loved to have gone to.

One was an actual beginner's class given by a certified ZenTangle teacher (Ginny Stiles) and one by a gal at the art center (Gail Bannock) who just likes to zendoodle with no official training.  It would have been great to experience the difference between the two ladies in how they approach this meditative drawing.

Although I might not have been able to attend in person, I was with the groups in spirit and decided to play a bit with how I like to approach zendoodles/tangles.  I don't start out with a string but instead start in one location and then build off of that.

Both of these were started at the gem I first created and then just continued along until I decided to stop.  I think it's easy to tell that my brain seeks balance and might be the reason I prefer not to use a random string.

This first one I ran out of paper surface or I would have added a bottom that looked like feet or some sort of support..........almost like a lady standing, wearing clothing similar to what Morticia in The Adam's Family wore.  I had started with the gem and then worked the two strands that created a figure 8 and just continued from that point adding to both sides.

Worked the color first with yellow and then the bit of red.  Placed the highlight area and then added the border.

Worked a few lines with red and finally some shading with red and light pressure.

This one I also started at the gem.  Worked this while I was listening to/watching CSI on TV.

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