Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Memory from a Year Ago

This is from one of the photos taken while at Universal Studios last year. 

I decided to use the Venezia sketchbook I've dedicated to using pen only (plus color if I choose).  I've read where jumping in with pen frees people...........that it's liberating.  One day I MIGHT feel the same way but I think I'm a long way from feeling that sense of freedom..........ha ha.  Maybe by the time I reach the end of the sketchbook??? but I'm not going to hold my breath.  :-D


Giddings Art said...

You and me both! I haven't reached that "freedom" yet. : )

Susan Bronsak said...

Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to use pencil first? I fight that feeling and wish I could just be me and do what I feel comfortable with. But then there's that side that says I need to let loose of a crutch which in response is not a crutch but just another tool and step I choose to use. The internal battle can be

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