Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yesterday's Sketch Outing

Yesterday there were eight of us that met up at Yahala Bakery to do some sketching.  There was live entertainment and many of the bikers who are here for Bike Fest happened to stop by as well.

We had a bit of excitement when two bikers collided with one leaving the bakery parking lot and another coming in.  I don't think anyone was seriously hurt.  And no one had to call the police either because there were six officers who had come in on their bikes and had just sat down at one of the outside tables when the accident occurred.  They all went running as did several other people there.

I chose to try and capture some of the folks that sat down to eat......trying to be real discreet as I don't like anyone seeing that I'm looking at them and sketching.  I always have this fear someone will say something to me that might deter me from wanting to sketch in public.  I definitely prefer taking sneak shot photos and sketching people at home!!!  They don't move and they don't see me actively sketching them :-)

Although we had a great time, it was quite noisy between the music playing, people trying to talk over the music, dogs barking that were brought there, and the noise of the motorcycles.  It was such a relief to get home and hear the beautiful sound of silence.

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