Thursday, April 5, 2018

Folder Pocket Inserts for the Artist Fauxdori Travelers' Notebooks

This post is about folder inserts for the covers I'm making. 

First I tried using a letter size hanging file folder.....idea from Poketfulofvintage on the YouTube channel.  It turned out OK but not really wide enough to go with the size Fauxdoris I'm making.  But this can still be used and gives me an idea for narrower sized covers in the future.  Legal size would have worked better in my case but didn't have any.

I cut the bars off and then what was remaining resulted in this.

There are six pockets total.  Folded here are two pockets front and back......4 total

Than on the inside there are two additional pockets.

This measures:  4.5 x 8" closed

When I finished this one, I looked around to see what other material I might have to try another hoping for the 5 x 8" size I wanted.  I came across a pocket folder.  It ended up working out beautifully and they come in various colors as well.

What I like about using these for the pocket folders is that it gives me three different type of pockets instead of two using the file folder.

Measured Size:  5 x 8"

Two pockets both front and back (four total) looking like these and inside gives me two more deep pockets things cannot slide out of.

And here are two sheets showing how I went about making these:

SPECIAL NOTE:  After I posted this, I opened a new package of pocket folders and discovered the center is attached at the fold (unlike two older folders I had on hand which were not attached).  You still have to make the slit along the sides as mentioned below in Step 2; however, skip Steps 3 and 4.

Instead, work on through until you have finished the steps BEFORE gluing the pockets and cut the corners like this.  Use a small cutting mat and place it as you see in the photo.  Using a sharp blade (box cutter, xacto knife, etc.) cut off the corner.  Do this for both sides.

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