Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Outside My Window

It feels great getting some sketching in after two weeks working on my faux dori journals.  I ran out of thread so that helped motivate me to pull out my sketchbook 😄

I sat and watched this guy trying to find a way over to the seed feeders.  He's tried climbing the shrubs but the limbs are too thin to hold his weight.  He tried getting up on a solar lamp but sticking in sand, it just fell over.  Next he came over to the hummer feeder pole which is only a few feet from the other pole.  He climbed up where the Shepard hook bends and stared upwards.......I figure trying to determine if he could make it without sliding back down.  He tried a couple of times and managed to get to the very top.  From there I watched him stare at the other pole.  You could tell with his body language that he was contemplating if he could launch himself over.  His tail flicked like I've seen them do before jumping; however, I guess he decided it was a no go and climbed back down......back to looking for fallen seed on the ground.

Watching him captivated me and decided he would be my next subject to sketch.  Worked in my Strathmore Visual Watercolor sketchbook using the Sharpie Stylo Fine pen.

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